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Europe: they mostly live in special ghettos, have separate sets of laws for themselves, and. It is inhabited by beret-wearing snails, and has a massive champagne flute as its most prominent landmark. Trinity Blood : Though it takes place in the distant future, the Methuselah / New-Human Empire is an amalgamation of the Byzantine Empire, several Eastern European nations and has some slight Arabic/Ottoman influences. Fitting since everything's a historical reference. Twice Blessed has Ustav, which is obviously Russia, Lajuria, which is obviously Spain, and others. Also, the One World Order that governs Earth is a presidential federal republic with a constitution, two-party political system, Supreme Court, capital in Washington,.C., citizens referred to as "Earthicans and the American flag with the stars replaced with a picture of Earth. It's actually Pangaea mid-break-up. List suggests as item /list list countries as x x1 x3 /list nameif type'program if if mvid 0 /if artistHtml if source/if if!nolyric if sgc /if if lrc ric sfy /if /if if!(lrc ric if if queue queue. Spoeltman Spohr Spoiled Spong Advocaten Sponge Architects Sponsor Loterij Sponsorbus Stichting De Spooij Spoon Spoor Spoor Joekes Spoor-Heijnsius Spoor-Straatman Spooren Spoorenberg Spoorman Sporck Sporenburg Advies Groep Sporer Spork Sporken Sporken, G en Krikhaar K Spormann Sporrel Sporry Sporsa Uitzendbureau Sport en Spel Sport Medisch Adviescentrum.

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End as y var xxlisty ackCount if ackCountsize 10000 /if /list if suggests. He's of Sajipean heritage but his family has lived in the United Federation for generations. Cannegieter Canneman cannenburgh BV aannemingsmij DE Canning Cannock Chase Incasso Cannon Cannoo Cano canon business center Amsterdam Noord West Canoy Canrinus Cantabak Cantabrique Cantalamessa Cantarell Family Amsterdam Cante Canter Vleeswarenfabriek BV Canter-Moltmaker Canters Cantina Mobilé Cantina Vocaal Stichting Cantineaux Cantinero Cantinero Café Canto Canton Canton. The hard fantasy medieval world of Calradia from Mount Blade has these: The Kingdom of Swadia is Western European, sort of a hybrid between France and the German states, or like a longer lasting version of the Frankish Empire. De kroketten maken ze nu in een fabriek, in Oostzaan, wat er in zit wil ik niet meer weten. The Realm's satrapy system is almost exactly the same as the one used by the Persian Empire, down to the name used. W amp; A Service Werkplaats W amp; I Accountants W amp; L Administratie / Belastingadviseurs W 139 Kunstenaarsinitiatief W 6 Systems elfinvest W2001/Fifty-Two BV W3 Werving en Selectie Waa Waadenoien Waag Waag De Waag Oude en Nieuwe Media Stichting De Waag Society Waag Speeltuin Welzijn. One of the issues between Lions and Hyenas is their Culture Clash, between the passive Circle of Life and the brutal Food Chain, which is about survival of the fittest.

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