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where LotR fans quickly translate it as: "If you can read this, you are not only a nerd but probably dead." In Sinclair Lewis' It Can't. Sam : You mean a herring? Then in a Brick Joke, he correctly uses it in place of the Latin Z when calling Wesley a "spaz - S, P, A, three, spaz!". But then again, its no wonder, as the fanfic is based on the hypnosis files of Nimja, who is Dutch and speaks both Dutch and English fluently.


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escort polish escort homo hua hin In Confessions of a Shopaholic, main character Rebecca Bloomwood spices up her resume by claiming, falsely, that she's fluent in Finnish. The whole scene descends into even worse levels of Squick if you happen to understand Russian: You're pretty, aren't you? touches her face* You remind me of my sister. The English word would be "gulp." Deadwood has an example that doubles as a Funny Moment if you understand. The newspaper now insists all correspondents give a genuine checkable address). Consequently, many of his lines are wry complaints or commentaries about the film rather than lines appropriate for his character. This concept would not directly translate into Dutch.
Grimm has an episode called "Bad Teeth" which features a monster resembling a saber-toothed tiger called a "Mauvais Dent" which literally means "bad tooth." It's descriptive and laughably simple. The dialog ranges from serious ( the Chinese talking about how they plan on manipulating you ) to silly (the head of the Mafia demanding that his Beleaguered Assistant get him a pet monkey). Splatoon 2 : Will get an expansion where you play as Agent 8, an octoling, doubles as both a Genius Bonus and Stealth Pun (or not so much if you saw the direct it was revealed) as octo is 8 in latin, actually managing. Rather than a straight translation, the lyrics are a Surreal Theme Tune about how the Titans are prepared escort polish escort homo hua hin for things like curfews and mothers' diets. Inspector Morse features an example in Morse code (of course) the opening bars of the theme music are supposed to spell out morse, but some fans argue that the gap in the middle of the M (two dashes) is slightly too long and. In Feet of Clay, several of the golems have Yiddish names, befitting the Semitic origin of the golem legend. In Crackdown, the gang general who makes money fro the gang by making and selling drugs is named Guerranote War. If you dont get the joke, in France thats a euphemism for the word orgasm. The Beatles ' "Michelle" has the line "These are words that go together well" resung two lines later in French: "Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble." Acid Bath has two songs with titles written in Cajun French (a dialect spoken in very specific. In Hunger, longtime Irish republican prisoner Gerry Campbell attempts to converse with his new cellmate Davey Gillen in Irish, but it becomes quickly apparent that Gillen has no knowledge of the language.

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