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Kansas. This paper brings together existential philosophy and victimology to offer an alternative approach to victimization. The social movement that drives sex offender notification uses the rhetoric of community justice. Giorgio Agamben's observations about bio-politics - a distinction between the "bare life" and the "political life with disabled people primarily associated with the former - denotes a restrictive humanism. That they associate sexual criminality with lower class men demonstrates yet another way that class-based inequalities are reproduced in the legal field. Arkady Plotnitsky Without a master, one cannot be cleaned. Drawing on Judith Butlers work on gender, abjection and precarity, and scholarship focused on prison masculinities, we examine the experiences of sex offenders while incarcerated and the role of various agents in exposing their convictions to other prisoners and, ultimately, to victimization.


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Chapter 2 Vitalism: Subjectivity Exceeding Racism, Sexism, and (Psychiatric) Ableism James Overboe The Bare Life and Psychotic Episodes In a previous life, I found myself working as a social worker at a "drop-in-centre" for people who were undergoing or had undergone psychiatric treatment. Physical castration, on the other hand, has been used primarily in Europe, has not been rigorously investigated, and remains a highly controversial and irreversible procedure. Managing the Monstrous: Sex Offenders and the New Penology Jonathan Simon Sex offenders were once taken to be exemplary of the underlying psychopathological basis of crime. The multiple abolitionist ends are sustained by a variety of logics, premised on assemblages of normative, conceptual and factual elements. These differences incall homo escorts anal sex cum shots as well as different levels of intensity of indignation are explained by a Simmelean analysis of groupcontext and conflict. My colleagues informed me that they were attempting to separate the ongoing negative effects of oppression experienced through colonization and patriarchy from the "real" psychiatric disorder. If specific behavior patterns occur (perhaps with some variations) in all or most cultures, one might assume that they are based on innate behavioral tendencies.

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